Right Some Good Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Sounds certifiably insane, doesn't it? I guarantee, you will be crazy with dessert euphoria when you make this and experience how fantastic it is. You're probably wondering how I came to think of this in the first place. I did not invent it, but I'm quite glad someone out there did.

You see, it started this weekend when I realized that I had six avocados in my refrigerator. Now, I'm not in one of those sunny climes where these creamy fruits just fall off the trees. No, I pay extra money for these little suckers because I really love homemade guacamole. Somehow, I went overboard on the 4 for $5 special, not realizing I already had two. With six in hand, I set out to find other ways of using avocados...and then I saw it.

We ate the result too quickly.
So, here's my artist's rendering...
I saw several of them really; there was quite a list of online recipes that turn avocados into chocolate pudding. My favourite just happened to be the one that required the least ingredients and preparation. Of course, lazy won out. That didn't mean disappointment, however.
...I know. They could be better.

Take 1.5 Avocados
Add 4 tbsp of honey
and 5 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder

and mash that blessed mess until it's a thick, creamy pudding. You may choose to use a food processor and puree it, but I just used a fork. Talk about simple preparation, then voila - some of the best chocolate pudding you'll ever enjoy. It's very rich and quite thick, but I love it that way. You could thin it with a bit of milk, if you prefer. The avocado is not noticeable at all.

I know, you are thinking 'I don't know...', and probably screwing up your face just like my husband did when I described it. However, his words were, "Wow, that's amazing. I was not prepared to like it at all." Our chocolate pudding connoisseur responded with "mmm, yummy", and later on with, "I'm full." That was unexpected, but understandable. This pudding is jammed with good fat and fibre, so eating a small serving is very satisfying. In fact, a serving will cost you about 199 calories, but it's filled with vitamins and minerals. 

Pudding that's good fer ya? That's right some good.


  1. I saw chocolate, I saw avocado, I came running! Not crazy at all! You should see some of the stuff we do with (to?)our luscious avocados over here. Your drawings are adorable :D

  2. LOL - thanks Denise! I can only imagine the glorious things you make with avocados. Admittedly, I only began enjoying them a few years ago. Growing up, they weren't easy to find here, but now, I'm hooked.

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