My Laptop as Kitchen Implement...A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

It's a good thing hubby and I have separate laptops. When we had only one, our domestic lives had evolved into a continuous game of 'steal the laptop'. I was tempted to take it with me to the bathroom, but I opted for straining my bladder instead. So, to save my kidneys, and do some actual work, I bought my own. For the most part, we do the same things on our laptops - browse email, read Reddit, and scheme our hockey pool picks - but with one key distinction. My laptop is also an indispensable kitchen tool, and has a home on my new island. So far, I have managed to not spill anything on it, nor drop it. But, it's only week one in our new house. I also have my four year-old's experiments to contend with - this week, it's pudding. I guess I prefer to live on the wild side.

Yeah, everyone uses allrecipes,, or some other recipe site. However, I'm not content to just lookup 'a recipe'. I end up doing a search for multiple versions of a recipe, reviewing hundreds of comments, and then I might haul out the knives. I tend to take a 'best of' approach, and steal the best ideas from each. Sometimes, it works out fabulously...and other times - well, you'll read about it in this blog.

I also have no more excuses for being offline - even when cooking. What else would a devoted kitchen nerd do?